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****   Merit Award for Small Projects   ****
Bike Arc
(# 411)
Organizational Category: Small Project Award
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Addressing the flaws in traditional bike racks such as bad weather, damaging bikes, lack of adequate storage, and theft, this modular system presents a solution in an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious way. The resulting form is a steel arc onto which riders roll, hook, and lock their bikes. Depending on the location, needs, and context, the various Bike Arc styles are designed to serve a variety of community needs. Where seamlessly blending with the natural environment is key, the low profile “rac arc” and space-saving “umbrella arc” work best. Where protecting bicycles from prevalent inclement weather is vital, the original “tube arc” and “half arc” are ideal. Regardless of the location, the Bike Arc modular system is attractive, practical, and affordable. In addition, its low cost inspired the design of the modular House Arc that is an affordable, off-the-grid solution to housing needs rooted in the development of a construction methodology that is light, modular, extremely affordable, graceful yet structurally sound, and capable of self-sufficiency. These principles provide housing that can be transported to any area in the world and erected by locals with a new indigenous quality: a vernacular that relates to the new not the old, a place that evokes light and lightness and above all else, a peaceful, self sustaining home.
Rac and Half Arc
Rac Arc
Tube Arc
Umbrella Arc
Rac and Half Arc
House Arc
Half Arc
Half Arc
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