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East LA Parsonage
(# 51)
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Set in the Latino neighborhood of East LA, this "hybrid" building transcends gang violence and poverty that so often deter development and the desire to improve one's conditions.

A multi-use structure that serves as a residence, but most significantly as a community center, hosts events for the adjacent IGLESIA FAMILIA DE DIOS Four Square Church.

Budget constraints and design concepts prompted recycled ISO Shipping Containers as the building's primary building block.  The Pastors, "committed to those in need", embody this spirit in all of their endeavors.  The containers, once destined to wither away, as they do abandoned and in disrepair only blocks away from this site, are given a new chance at life.  Redeployed as a strong, fireproof and mold resistant, the containers become a powerful metaphor for those seeking a new "beginning".  

This "hybrid" Parsonage/Community Center has become a catalyst for positive change in East LA.

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