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Submittal Instructions
Step 1
 Review Eligibility criteria.

Review the Entry Fees as they relate to your Eligibility. Complete the Registration Form (online) and submit the appropriate payment by PayPal.
Step 2
Upon our receipt of your Registration Form and payment, a User ID and Password will be issued allowing to log on and access to the allocated work area on the AIALB/SB Design Awards server.
Step 3
Using your ID and Password, upload the entry along with the required information. Prior to the deadlines. revisit and revise the entry as many times as you wish. "Submit" it when you are satisfied with your entry. After submitting, changes or modifications are not possible. Once processed, your entry is posted in the Awards Gallery and your submission process is complete. Please review the Submittal Guidelines carefully before submitting.

The Design Awards Jury will review all entries on September 21, 2013.
Submittal Guidelines
The AIALB/SB requires submittal of all material in digital format.

If the authorship is revealed on any of the images, plans, or narrative, the entry will be disqualified.

How to Prepare the Submittal Material
After submitting the online registration form and The AIALB/SB has received the payment, a password to enter the portal will be sent to the participant via email.

Using the password, submitting individuals and firms will be allowed to upload images and text and adjust the display of their entries until they choose to submit them to The AIALB/SB. Once submitted, the entry’s display and content can no longer be altered. The entry will be reviewed and checked for completeness by the AIASBl/LB staff after which it will appear on the web site for viewing by the Jury and the public.

Common questions concerning the Digital Submittal Process and Requirements are answered in the website’s FAQ Section. Entrants should use the Contact Form to post their own questions.

Format & Size for Images
The digital image files (plans, photos, illustrations) must be in a web compliant format with the extensions .jpg / .jpeg / .gif. Maximum width is 950 pixels. Maximum height is 700 pixels. The recommended minimum in either direction is 600 pixels.

The maximum file size is 200kB (the smaller the file size the faster your project will load in the browser - the recommended file size is around 100kB).

Number and Type of Images

For all awards, the maximum number of displayed images is 12.

The digital images include exterior and interior views (photographs/drawings) as well as image files of plans, building sections, and other drawings to fully illustrate each entry. Animations are not eligible.

File Name
The name of the image file should not contain any empty space or special signs. Please use letters and numbers (a-z/A-Z), dashes and underscores only and make certain your file has the correct extension (.jpg/.jpeg/.gif/.png/)
Text Information (Description, Credits, etc.)

The following text is required for a complete entry:

  1. Project Description (max. 3,300 characters - i.e. approx. 500 words)
    Example of possible paragraphs:
    1. Context
    2. Program/Scope
    3. Budget/Cost
    4. Special Challenges/Unusual Characteristics
    5. Solution/Design
    6. Explain or describe how issues of sustainability or other energy saving strategies were incorporated into the final design.
  2. Short Version of the above (max. 1,000 characters - i.e. approx. 150 words)
    This short version is used on the page with the images as a short introduction. There should be no mention of the project or architect name in this description.
  3. Project information including firm or author’s name, location, and credits.

Note: The Project Description word count will cut off at 3,300 characters and for the Short Version at 1,000 characters.

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