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From an Age of Movement to an Age of Place
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Community leaders, Stanford faculty and students are advocating to underground the California High Speed Train system (HST) through Palo Alto. 
Project impacts of the elevated and grade-separated system include: alignment, visual, noise, vibration, traffic and right-of-way impacts on residential and commercial districts.
- Protect neighborhoods and mitigate impacts
- Build a 4 mile, 31 acre linear park to connect the community
- Use air rights, joint development to generate $700 million to pay for undergrounding
- Extend downtown; create a higher density, mixed-use, transit-oriented district for  intergenerational living, innovation and entrepreneurial activity
- Adapt the historic station; increase multimodal access to regional and state destinations
- Implement A Transit First policy to reduce vehicle trips
- Inspire local financial contributions
- Design consistent with HST TOD policy to attract a station
- Collaborate with the HST Authority to realize the alternative
Vision for Palo Alto
New Connections
Center of Civic Life
Synergy of Fast&Slow
Innovation Place
A Mix of Uses
Community Uses
An 18-Hour Place
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