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Apple Store Boylston Street
(# 1002)
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The Boylston Street Apple Store stands at the boundary between Boston Back Bay’s 19th Century residential neighborhood to the north and its superblock developments to the south. This length of upper Boylston Street is characterized by an architectural heterogeneity that contrasts against the otherwise relatively homogenous Back Bay Historic District. The new Apple Store is a glass box cut to the proportions and articulations of this historic Boston neighborhood and embodying the imagination, intelligence and elegance for which the company is known. Two concepts determine the store’s physicality: a transparent structural glass façade ¬serves as a proscenium that attracts passerby to watch the activity occurring within. A glass spiral stair transforms the act of climbing up and down steps into an experience of movement through space and planes of activity. Daylight spills into the core of the space through the central atrium’s skylight.
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