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C.V. Starr East Asian Library
(# 1012)
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The library resides in the “classical core” of the UC Berkeley campus. This is a quiet box of light, tucked into the hillside. Clad in white granite it is overlaid with bronze screens, which powerfully represent the building’s Asian mission. The screens not only unify the exterior but provide shade to the interior. Lit at night, they emerge as a golden veil, a glowing symbol of the building’s legacy in the heart of campus.

The solid exterior contrasts with the illuminated interior. The building’s core is open and bathed in natural light from a sculpted skylight. Stairs, cantilevered from a central, structural spine wall, rise through the space. Bridges connect to stacks on either side of the atrium. Large windows create a relationship with the surrounding California landscape and various materials bring color, warmth and texture to the interiors. The vibrant and luminous spaces encourage the exploration of character language texts.

South Elevation
East Entry Elevation
North Elevation
Level Three (Entry)
Building Slot
Reading Room Entry
Level Four
Views of Landscape
Study Spaces
Bronze Screens
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