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The iQuilt Plan
(# 1083)
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The iQuilt is the newly adopted urban design plan for downtown Hartford. The city struggles economically; culture can help revive it. The plan capitalizes on downtown’s key advantages:

   •  very rich collection of cultural assets (ranked 14th in the nation)
   •  district compactness and potential walkability (17 minutes across on foot)
   •  two remarkable landscapes (historic Bushnell Park and the Connecticut River waterfront)

The plan rectifies key weaknesses (pedestrian network is fractured, cultural assets are scattered, park and river are disconnected) as follows:

1. reframes and visually rebrands downtown as the iQuilt, a pedestrian oriented cultural district

2. merges new and existing public spaces - parks, plazas, walkways - into the GreenWalk, a landscape spine linking park to river

3. creates two new public spaces at the core (Bushnell Gate, Tower Square)

4. implements enhanced streetscapes, electronic wayfinding, and green infrastructure throughout the iQuilt

Downtown Hartford
Landscapes Linked
The GreenWalk
Visual Identity
Connecticut Square
Bushnell Park
Bushnell Gate
Tower Square
Heart of the iQuilt
Hartford Art City
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