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A 1,300 sf nomadic exhibition space for site-specific art touches down in the Presidio like an alien space ship, aligning its north-facing wing to frame views of the nearby Golden Gate Bridge.  Formed by three reclaimed shipping containers arranged at 120-degree angles around a central atrium, the overall form is an innovative configuration of component parts that can be assembled and disassembled for use elsewhere.  This three-fold rotational symmetry creates a figure known as a triskelion.  Maximizing perimeter surface area while creating an internal void, the form implies rotation around a local center, along with the star-like axial extension of its three extending tips.  Designed for minimal impact on the site and using largely repurposed materials, the structure was built off-site and positioned in place by a crane.  Daylighting analysis ensures visually comfortable conditions for gallery viewing and reduces overall electrical loads, which are minimized for off-grid performance.
Golden Gate Bridge
East Elevation
North Elevation
Bridge Axis at Entry
Bridge Axis to Entry
Triangular Diffuser
Storage Wall to Desk
Offsite Fabrication
Context Diagram
Floor Plan
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