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Sonoma Retreat
(# 859)
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This retreat space was created as a private exercise, meditation and relaxation studio for a businessman and his family. Topography, orientation and relationship to landscape were all considered in the choreography of experience that heightens one’s sense of discovery, accentuates privacy and ultimately provides the serenity of escape.

The building’s form is defined by a collection of simple rustic cedar boxes that provide a counterpoint to the surrounding landscape. The rectilinear forms are in turn cradled by the curving walls, which allow the resultant space to burrow into the earth. The wood deck of reclaimed teak extends interior space out into the landscape, obscuring the boundaries between inside and outside. A canopy of cantilevered lodgepole pine floats above the roof, providing much needed shade to the southern face of the building and its’ sundeck.

Context - NE view
Southern view - day
Peaceful interior
Blending in & out
Cantilever-SW view
Canopy - SE view
Southern view - dusk
Curved entry walls
Space for reflection
Site & Floor plan
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