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UC Merced Long Range Development Plan
(# 874)
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UC Merced's Long Range Development Plan boldly incorporates sustainable planning and urban design concepts to integrate land use, circulation and open space systems in the heart of California's rapidly growing San Joaquin Valley.   Edged by 30,000 acres of permanently preserved vernal pool grasslands,  the 815-acre high density plan accommodates 25,000 students, housing for 12,500 and 6.25 million square feet of research and administrative space.    Through the aggressive deployment of solar, energy efficient buildings and a strategic land use plan, the campus will be zero net energy, zero waste and zero net emissions by 2020.  The unique plan is oriented around a dense, interdisciplinary academic core designed for bicycles, transit and pedestrians.  Two mixed use 'Main Street' corridors penetrate the Academic Core, integrating it with an adjacent 1,100 acre University Community that provides housing and services for 30,000 people and 5,000 jobs within a 10 minute walk to campus.   
Regional Context
Regional Context 2
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Main Street Concept
Open Space
Loop Road and Bowl
Full Buildout
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