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****   Merit Award for Interior Architecture   ****
FIDM San Diego
(# 896)
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This school has offered a specialized, private college education with emphasis on combining academic excellence and real world experience. In the latest installment of the school’s unique creative learning environments, the architect has designed a dynamic “learning landscape” for the San Diego Campus as part of an extended development of the school brand in physical space. Together with sister campuses in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Francisco the new architecture at the school has come to represent the college’s reputation, brand, and philosophy towards education. The college occupies the entire 3rd floor of a high-rise building located in a newly revitalized area of downtown San Diego. The school’s new learning landscape is organized in three parts: a public entry zone, an educational zone and a zone for student support services and administration. A continuous path connects the different areas of the campus each with its own unique spatial experience.
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