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Sapphire Gallery Extension
(# 947)
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This residential addition is designed to display a growing private art collection, while also providing domestic spaces with views to the surrounding hills and creating a compelling new focal point for the approach and entry to the property.

The new structure was developed as an extension of the existing circulation spine and lifted off the ground to provide an open hardscape/ landscape area that connects the rear gardens with the main entry court.

A structural system of steel braced frames was developed to achieve the double cantilevers at each end of the trapezoidal building.  The trusses were factory built and assembled by crane on site in one working day. The system proved to be a remarkably simple, flexible and cost-effective way to achieve the program parameters of the project.

The remaining details are designed as a quiet backdrop to the artworks and natural surroundings.  An array of photovoltaic cells provides all the electricity required by the new extension.

project view
exterior details
stair/ gallery
office/ gallery
office/ gallery
gallery detail
building sections
floor plans
construction photos
entry court
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