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Artist Studio Addition
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It is important to us that the aesthetic quality of the existing house designed by John Lautner remains as is. Therefore, we propose an exterior design that clearly distinguishes itself from the original construction. Metallic and cementitious materials are proposed contrasting the existing facade, which is primarily smooth stucco finish. Contrary, on the interior of the addition, we chose to expose the studio’s structure (also to reduce cost) expressing the sense of structural honesty corresponding to the main residence.

The studio addition is furnished with sliding doors on each end to facilitate natural ventilation. The supplemental skylight and “light/planter well” are provided to make sure the space is flooded with bright natural light.

1-Vicinity map.jpg 2-Floor plan.jpg 3-Diagram.jpg 4-Exterior.jpg
5-Exterior.jpg 6-Exterior.jpg 7-Interior.jpg
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