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Studio 15
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In a region where entry-level housing is an economic challenge, this 100,000-square-foot Single Room Occupancy project provides well-designed rentable housing around a vibrant, experiential courtyard – proving affordable housing doesn’t have to sacrifice rich design.  Inspired by the surrounding local artists' community, the design of the complex conceptualizes the highly geometric "De Stijl" art movement into the architecture, courtyard, and landscaping, intermixing primary colors and primary values with linear paths, distinctive rectangular forms, and industrial materials. The selection of interior materials, finishes, and patterns also complements the geometry and colors of the project.

Much more than an apartment building, the uniquely urban habitat is positive proof that private developers and the public sector can work together to create accessible, high-quality housing that will benefit the community.

1_s15_n.jpg 2_s15_c.jpg 3_s15_entry.jpg 4_s15_court2.jpg
5s15.jpg 6_s15.jpg 7_s15_context.jpg 8s15_south.jpg
9_s15_w.jpg 10_plans.jpg 12_plans3.jpg 11_plans2.jpg
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