Awards 2008
2008 Design Awards Winners
Landscape Design
****   Merit Award   ****
Glendale Public Library - Branch Prototype, Public Park
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This concept design for a prototype public park library is conceived according to a Learning Center approach with an Exploratorium-like atmosphere.  The building is organized to fit in between the canopies of mature sycamore trees and the surrounding lawn area.  A slight grade change is leveraged to extend the lawn expanse onto the library roof, with easily traversed slopes.  Angled cut-outs allow natural light to filter through the trees and permeate the interior of the building.  The extensive use of glass provides views to the outdoors from throughout, and conversely, permits full exposure of the library's activities to the public.

Sustainable strategies include the lawn-covered roof, water reclamation facilitated by the sloping roof line, a raised floor system with supply air vents at the level of building occupants, building systems that perform multiple functions, shaded glass, operable windows, energy efficient fixtures, a restricted variety of building products, and the use of recycled and local materials.

Park & Library
Entry From Sidewalk
Main Entrance
Library From Street
Central Forum
Teen Center
Site Plan
Floor Plan
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