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Esri Corporate Headquarters Office & Auditorium
(# 13)
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The project is a corporate headquarters building located on a suburban campus.  The building houses the company's corporate offices and a conferencing center. The form of the building is derived from four vertical concrete slabs that divide the building into three distinct zones - the central atrium and two office wings. The building is a simple form that nestles into its densely vegetated surroundings. The green space penetrates the building's volume on the south side, and vines are allowed to grow up the concrete walls further integrating the building into the landscape. The office wing's fa├žade is horizontal redwood siding with fixed sun shading. The central atrium utilizes a Pilkington glass system, with floating bridges and meeting rooms that together create an openness and lightness in the space. Ever changing light and shadow animate the concrete walls and at night they are lit up and become glowing sculptures.
Plan and Elevation
Main Entry; North
North Facade
West Facade
South Facade
South Concrete Wall
Atrium Glass
2nd Floor Bridge
Meeting Boxes
Reception Desk
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