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Garden Grove Retail Center
(# 16)
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The Garden Grove Retail Center is a small scale commercial complex located north of Garden Grove Boulevard, one of the busiest streets in the city of Garden Grove. As a place for businesses to advertise to locals and a workplace for those with marketing skills, this collection of small shops becomes as opportunity for architecture to express the character of individuals within a united whole. The fundamental premises of the project are to create a distinct presence of the new development along a chaotic urban setting, regain the street edge to address a major thoroughfare, and to create a transitional space that contains a parking space as a reinterpretation of a more traditional commercial space layout.
S. Elevation Sketch
Street View
Landmark Detail
East Building
East Bulding 2
E. Bldg Elevation
E. Bldg Detail
W. Bldg Reflection
Elevation Drawings
West Building
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