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Department of Veterans Affairs Loma Linda Cancer Center
(# 40)
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DNA Profiling is the complex analysis of genetic material from a blood or cellular sample unique to each individual. It is a critical tool in contemporary cancer treatment. The resulting diagrams known as VNTRs (Variable Number Tandem Repeats) became a symbol of hope encoded in the skin of this new 17,000 sf Cancer Center on the Veterans Affairs Healthcare Campus in Loma Linda. Tracking LEED Silver, the program for the new two-story outpatient oncology facility includes infusion services along with a support pharmacy, exam/procedure rooms, blood draw services, and administration offices

Turning the northeast corner of the campus, the structure’s high-tech metal skin sets the exterior fenestration pattern and color, referencing the main hospital’s corrugated concrete while striking a fresh new identity for the public façade. The south and west elevations facing the hospital are more subdued and surrounded with healing gardens to provide respite for patients, staff and families.

Elevations Concept
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Genetic Profile Elev
Genetic Skin Detail
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