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Cutler Insurance
(# 51)
Images Description Credits
Completion 5 / 2010
Specific Use of Building Insurance Company
Project Location Redlands
CONTEXT: Downtown Redlands

2.PROGRAM/SCOPE: Restore/Renovate existing Y-Alliance Bldg (originally Turner & Turner Mortuary, 1904, later YWCA, 1914, now Cutler Church Insurance, 2006). Scope included demolition of 1938 & 1978 additions, restoration of original 1904 Mission Revival structure and new addition in a style compatible with original structure for a total of 8,550 square feet of restored/new office space.  Addition included Main Entry relocated off parking lot, staff room and additional office space.  Scope included interiors.

3.BUDGET/COST:  $1,000,000

4.SPECIAL CHALLENGES/UNUSUAL CHARACTERISTICS: Original structure had been poorly added on to over the years.  Two previous additions were demolished to make room for a parking lot and new two story addition.

5.SOLUTION/DESIGN: Restore structure to original condition where possible, renovate as needed, additions to maintain or enhance original level of detail.  New Mission Style detailing with beamed ceilings. 


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