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Inland Valley Development Agency Norton Regional Event Center
(# 47)
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Completion 9 / 2011
Specific Use of Building Administrative Offices, Public Hearing Room
Project Location 1601 E. Third Street, San Bernardino, CA 92408
-Convert a windowless, characterless 1974 vintage banquet hall into a corporate headquarters with a public hearing space
-Design to include the following characteristics:
   -Sophisticated and technologically advanced image to attract tenants and buyers to the properties represented by IVDA
   -Echo the aeronautical mission of the client
- Invite and accommodate citizens to participate in the public hearing process
-Provide a cheerful, professional, well illuminated work environment
-Recall the proud history of the former Norton Air Force Base
-Through finishes and furniture, further reinforce the aeronautical mission of IVDA/SBIAA and demonstrate the frugal use of public funds
-Sophistication and technical imagery were accomplished by:
  -Reoccurring use of brushed aluminum in furniture and finishes
  -Subtle references to aeronautical images such as the classic wing shape reinforce the design theme
  -Frosted glass panels were back lit to provide subtle and contemporary illumination that was integrated into the architecture
  -Wood panels provide a warm and elegant atmosphere while the recessed channel details further the streamlined modern theme
-Encourage Citizen Participation
   -Generous use of glass with a well illuminated lobby attracts visitors to the entrance
   -LED Backlit frosted glass panels and soffit lighting reoccur in public spaces giving them identity to the visitor. This creates an identifiable evening presence  and a sense of welcome to the public hearing process
   -Once within the lobby clever introduction of contrasting tile floor elements direct visitors to the proper entrance
   -Lobby mounted video conferencing equipment allows IVDA to welcome visitors while using various staff, thus eliminating a reception function and allowing administrative personnel to perform other functions
-A professional and cheerful work environment was accomplished as follows:
   -New windows were cut into the existing CMU to provide natural light.
   -Light shelves were used where appropriate to bring the natural light further into the space
   -Solatube skylights were placed in corridors and specifically at corridor intersections as an aid to way finding and to illuminate interior spaces where windows could not be introduced
   -Where windows could not be introduced interior offices were enclosed with glass panels similar to shopping mall display windows. This introduced the natural light from the corridor Solatubes and connected the office occupants with the activity of the building and their
   -Cheerful vivid colors were chosen for the break room
-Norton AFB History
   -Upon entering the lobby visitors are greeted by a curved memory wall with illuminated art niches set in surface of blended brushed and polished aluminum. This wall offers display opportunities in a context of shapes and materials that recall the aviation heritage of Norton AFB.
   -Furniture and Finishes
   -Aeronautical themes were reinforced with wing shaped aluminum window louvers
   -The vertical curve created by the combination of brushed and polished aluminum placed over the horizontal curved memory wall reinforces the aeronautical theme
   -Aluminum furniture trim and dimpled modesty panels continue the aviation theme

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