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Los Angeles Center for Women’s Health
(# 59)
Images Description Credits
Completion 12 / 2011
Specific Use of Building Healthcare
Project Location Los Angeles, CA
The Los Angeles Women’s Center for Health is revolutionizing the future of women’s heath in urban environments. Located in downtown LA, the project provides comprehensive healthcare offerings that cater to professional women so they can receive an array of healthcare services with a single appointment. The new facility is welcoming, convenient and encourages women to be proactive about their health. The design incorporates hospitality-inspired elements that cater to women, such as a variety of seating options with relaxation areas and social areas. The result is a spectacular use of colors, textures, and furnishings that inspire the human spirit.

Designed for “HER”—healing, education and research.
This state-of-the-art facility enhances the health and wellbeing of women in the prime of their lives by offering treatment and management of health conditions, screenings, risk assessments, wellness and health education. The client’s pioneering vision of an all-inclusive facility helped in the recruitment of a team of nationally recognized women’s health specialists who were to collaborate within one unit. The design team worked closely with the client and this newly formed team of physicians to optimize the programming of the space to include women's cardiology, breast imaging, urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, and gynecology/menopause.

Cater to the needs of a diverse group of women.
Upon entering the facility, the reception area boasts a range of seating options—from lounge chairs, to sofas for patients who would like the support of a loved one next to them, to a conference table where professionals are able to plug-in their laptop. The room is designed to meet relaxation, social, and work needs.

Eliminate the clinical feel of a health center.
The interior environment not only alleviates stress, but it aligns with the quality and caliber of care provided by the center. Reminiscent of a calming spa, the design incorporates hospitality inspired elements. Once a patient leaves the reception area, they receive perks like terrycloth robes to relax in while they wait in a private dressing room to be led to their appointments. Finishes, furnishings, and art were purposefully selected to create a stress-free environment. The timeless palette includes the warmth of wood, while accents of blue and maize provide a soothing sense of calm to the space.

Allow patients to concentrate on their own health.
The circulation plan allows patients to move through the space from one appointment to the next with ease. Crossing paths with the behind-the-scenes elements of healthcare is not an option, ie: a patient will not cross paths with a blood work cart in the hallways. Patients enter the exam and treatment rooms through a front door, while physicians and technicians enter through a dedicated clinical side. This separation helps allow patients to concentrate on their own wellbeing rather than the behind-the-scenes activities taking place around them. After an exam, if a physician has a sensitive diagnosis to share with a patient, private physician offices allow for open patient/doctor conversations in a dignified, comfortable and confidential area.


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