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Rose Bowl Locker Rooms and Media Center
(# 55)
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Completion 7 / 2009
Specific Use of Building Locker Rooms and Media Center
Project Location Pasadena, CA
LOCKER ROOMS AND MEDIA CENTER at National Monument Stadium

Scope:       24,000 Square Feet of New Construction including
    Locker Facility, Media Center, Seismic upgrades, and historic preservation

Budget:       12 Million

Schedule:       Completed in 2009

The Stadium’s Operating Company contracted with an architect and a construction company for a fast-track, design-build, integrated project delivery for the design and construction of a state-of-the-art locker facility and media center for the UCLA Bruins.  The contract stipulated that construction could not disrupt the football season. 

The concept for the new facility was to tuck the structure below the historical stadium seating; however, during design development it became apparent that this would be cost-prohibitive and could not meet schedule constraints. 

The architects proposed a complete redesign to an underground facility under the historic entry plaza.  While working around football and other event schedules over 33,000 cubic yards of earth were excavated extending 30 feet into the ground.  Yet this complex design and construction process was successfully completed in record time of 20 months and within budget.


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