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Desert Sands New Elementary School No. 7
(# 107)
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Inspired by its natural desert environment, the dark red buildings are animated with a few dashes of color serving as an organizing and wayfinding element throughout the campus. The use of simple forms and color allowed us to focus on textural changes in the fašade material (plaster, corrugated metal, and perforated metal) and providing a more tactile building.
A solar panel covered canopy reaches out to welcome visitors to the campus and serves as a teaching opportunity for the community.
Three building blocks organized around a central courtyard provide security for the campus and protection from the wind. The eastern wing of each village cluster opens to engage the exterior courtyard and create an interactive, collaborative interior and exterior learning environment.
All these elements come together to create a project that creates a beautiful, innovative learning environment and be a source of civic pride for the community.
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