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2014 Design Awards

AIAOC Design Awards celebrate innovative solutions to the architectural challenges facing Orange County, regardless of project category, type, or budget.  Please submit your work based on the following groupings.

 All residential entries, including but not limited to multi-family, market housing, custom homes, etc.
Residential Un-built
 All non-residential entries, including but not limited to commercial office buildings, retail spaces, schools, prisons, etc.
Commercial Un-built
Commercial Interiors
 An award for the ideas of tomorrow. The INSPIRE category is focused on innovative solutions to the challenges facing the built environment. From a master plan for an automobile-free Orange County to an experimental water-proofing technique, solutions of all shapes and scales will be considered. Submit your vision for tomorrow.
C.O.T.E. | Committee on the Environment

This category is open to all non-residential project types and is free for any project already entered in another category.  Only completed / built projects will be considered for this award. The following additional information should be provided as part of any submittal for this category:

            Provide a narrative (maximum 500 words) describing how the project integrates sustainable strategies into the building design based upon each of categories listed below. The project will be evaluated using the National AIA COTE Measures of Sustainable Design as follows (see the National AIA COTE web pages for additional information regarding these measures)

Measure 1: Intent & Innovation
Measure 2: Community
Measure 3: Site
Measure 4: Bioclimatic Design
Measure 5: Light & Air
Measure 6: Water
Measure 7: Energy
Measure 8: Materials
Measure 9: Long Life
Measure 10: Feedback

Savings by Design

The SEC "Savings by Design" category is free for any project already entered in another category. This category is open to commercial and institutional built projects only. Any project being submitted for this category must be located within the State of California. 
In order to establish a common basis for judging submittals, entrants will present to the jury a submission for each project in the format defined for the AIAOC Design Awards. Projects submitted for the Savings by Design category must have been built in 2010 or later.  No projects "on the boards" will be considered for this category.

The following text is required for a complete entry:

  1. Project Description (max. 3,300 characters - approx. 500 words)
    Example of possible paragraphs:
    1. Context
    2. Program/Scope
    3. Budget/Cost
    4. Special Challenges/Unusual Characteristics
    5. Solution/Design
    6. Energy Measures Implemented
    7. Onsite Renewable Energy (if applicable)
  2. Short Version of the above (max. 1,000 characters - approx. 150 words)
    This short version is used on the page with the images as a short introduction.
  3. Upload of one page PERF-1 or UTIL-1 report as a PDF file.
  4. Project information including firm or author’s name, location, and credits

NOTE:  Do not include any credit information in the descriptive texts I, II and III above.  All credit information needs to be in item IV.

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