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Sisyphus's Theater
(# 197)
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Amidst a deluge of self-proclaimed “new” architecture, existing architecture that was once technologically advanced and revolutionary is rendered obsolete. The eternal and never-ending has been cast aside in favor of the quick and disposable.

The proposed project aspires to be a never-ending theater hosting present and future architectural events, a building that is perpetually reconfiguring itself while educating others. Its cast and crew are the students and technology of LATTC, its audience are the people of Southeast Los Angeles.
The hypothesis that arises: how to stage a coexistence of diverse activities and spaces that allows for a reconfigurable building to adapt to unforeseeable technological advancements and user demands, while keeping its core principles and contextual responsibility unscathed in infinite future iterations. 

Infinite Iterations of Facade
View from LATTC
Making Space
Program Mixer
Section AA
Section CC
Kit of Reconfigurable Parts
Precast Learning Lab + Mixer
Street View A
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