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Delehus Åbenrå
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On perhaps the final undeveloped plot in the medieval city-center of Copenhagen is a gravel parking lot; situated between a baroque church and its former rectory. A development on this (infill) site is challenging in many senses: addressing its age-old neighbors while pointing to a more sustainable city. Delehus, "share house", is a proposal that attempts to cohere in this context while challenging the unsustainable building practices and lifestyles of Copenhagen; Being designed to be holistically sustainable from material selection to occupant use. Delehus is designed for a group of 4 families interested in sharing and rooftop farming. The aesthetic desire for the home was to blend into its context quietly and allow the patina of the wood and growth of the plants, trees, fruits, and vines (over time) to create an identity for the home.  Delehus attempts to achieve its preservation value through its modeling of holistic sustainability in housing and biophilic beauty.
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