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Malibu High School
(# 207)
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The new 38,000-SF multifunctional building is shaped by the concept of integrating the building with the topography and landscape while responding to external influences and zoning restrictions. The facility will house administration offices, instructional spaces, and an expanded library and will serve as the face of the campus. Along with the renovation of a classroom building, courtyard redesigns, and various site improvements, the Middle & High School projects address vital issues in circulation and campus identity. Designers took the conceptual learning environment a step further by using sustainable strategies, such as green roofs that serve as outdoor classrooms, integrated photovoltaic glazing, and extensive use of recycled material, to create a building that becomes part of the education process itself.
Malibu High School 1
Malibu High School 2
Malibu High School Site Plan
Malibu High School 4
Malibu High School Contextual
Malibu High School Floor Plans
Malibu High School 7
Malibu High School 8
Malibu High School 9
Malibu High School 10
Malibu High School Energy
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