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Hyde Park: Urban Live-Work
(# 198)
Images Description Credits
Completion NA
Specific Use of Building Live and work building
Project Location Chicago, Il
Hyde Park: Live-Work Project
Hyde Park is a mixed-use project that provides its resident the opportunity to live and work in the same place.  For instance, the hand users for this project are to be artists that will be able to live in the building while being able to work on their projects from the same building. Therefore, the separation of both the live and work sectors is essential. Located in Chicago, the projectís site offers a very diverse community that values interaction and communication, which makes community spaces critical for the project. Knowing the above information, the design created aims to fully immerse artists in a safe environment while not having to think about work when there are at home even though the location says otherwise.  A second focus of the design is to provide the community with interactive spaces and encourage communication among residents. Therefore, to achieve first, the separation between apartments and offices, the project uses separate circulation, one for residents and another one for workers. This circulation offers the resident who does not want to be in contact with the workspace a particular entrance from the outside. However, if they wish, residents could access their Appartement from the work entrance as long as they know the way to their place. Since safety is very important, the way leading to the apartments from the workspaces has been conceived a bit as a maze to protect the resident from workers who do not live in the same building. As much as inside safety, outside safety is important as well; thus, this projectís design addresses with a gate. Next, the second goal of the project is diversity and community. First, this design achieves diversity by having apartments mixed in with working units on each floor. Additionally, each apartment is unique in its form, and the building provides diverse units providing people from different backgrounds with the opportunities to find a match for them. To emphasize the importance of interaction and communication in Chicago, a community space was placed in the center of the building with a large atrium above it, forcing the handsí users to interact with each other. This design achieves its two fixed goals with both circulation and room location. More aspects such as structure and environmental impact had to be considered. Thus, a gate was designed to add aesthetic and structural value to the building and lovers, allowing natural air to circulate through the building. Finally, with such a location, views are essential. Thus, this design gives pockets of unique moments to each living and workspace.

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