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Completion 5 / 2020
Specific Use of Building Library, Gymnasium, and pedestrian bridge
Project Location South Central Los Angeles, CA.
Scope and program

The project consists of 42,000 squared footage of new programs that would address multiple issues within the community. The project seeks to provide a solution for three significant problems with the current site, the lack of resource, outdated park facilities, and lack of community identity. Puente Biblio-Tech-Ca intends to address these issues by offering the community a new library, replacing the existing gymnasium and pedestrian bridge. The new program would provide safe pedestrian access, redesigned park facilities, and give a home to the new Florence library. The program also includes a community garden, local café, areas for street vendors and food trucks, and acts as a community HUB.


Puente Biblio-Tech-Ca is in the Florence and Graham district in South Central Los Angeles. The site is located near one of three metro stations that provide rides to downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach. The current bridge that provides access is outdated and lacks ADA access. The bridge is an essential connector to the neighboring residential area and park. Franklin D. Roosevelt Park is one of the oldest and second largest in south-central Los Angeles. Roosevelt Park is 24.35 acres that includes a gymnasium, temporary express library, swimming pool, skate park, basketball courts, baseball, and soccer fields. The community recently lost its local library, which caused a rift in the community's social fabric. The neighborhood was left without a valuable resource and, even worse, no plan for relocation. Puente Biblio-Tech-Ca would bring back the library, revitalize the park facilities, and establish community identity.

Special Challenges

The main challenge of the project is re-connecting a severed community. With careful consideration of the program and the community's need, a simple bar scheme is utilized to achieve that goal. The variety of program stretches across both sides of the Metro, and heavy rail currently bisects the neighborhood. The 240ft span over the rail lines would encourage engagement at both ends of the project by introducing new programs. The redesign of the existing bridge would re-connect the neighborhood and bring new community resources. Puente Biblio-Tech-Ca is more than a bridge, gymnasium, or library; it is a valuable resource that unifies the community around social gathering spaces and activities.

Sustainable design

The sustainable and resilient nature of the project comes from its ability to adapt. The structure and substructure allow for internal modifications that allow for expansion and contraction of the program throughout the building's life cycle. The modular nature of the structure allows for programs such as libraries to evolve as new technologies are introduced into our ways of accessing information. The digital age has created a shift in the way we access and store information, as it is no longer tied to physical space. The building is also designed with basic design principles to maximize the forms ability to interact with the natural environment. The building has deep overhangs and a mesh screen on the south-facing façade, photovoltaic panels on the roof, and catches water in the recently added storm water infiltration system.


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