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Hyde Park: Urban Live-Work
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Hyde Park is a place full of opportunities, which offers a lot of outside space for community interaction and cultural variety for better learning. Thus, the design created aims to emphasize community interaction through intrusive space and diversity while providing security in the workspace and privacy in the housing spaces. The combination of apartment units and offices throughout the entire building could initially seem chaotic. However, in this case, the mix of both uses, live and work, increases the collective performance of the building as a whole while still respecting the need of each sector. This design achieves its goals by using two factors that make a difference. The first factor is the separation in circulation, and the second factor is the Structural gate that provides safety and reduces the intensity of the natural light coming into the building. Lastly, the gate adds privacy to the living areas and workspace and adds structural value to the building overall.
Exterior Rendering
concept diagram
Site Plan
Atrium Look Down
Atrium Look Up
Program Diagram
Program Diagram Key
Exploded Axo
Section Perspective
Interior Rendering
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